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A Primer on Google Glass

Google glass has already been recognised as one of the most sensational innovations in the recent times. This wearable gadget avails you with a wide range of facilities, both interesting and useful.

First of all, the team really deserves an appreciation for embedding all the features of this product into a miniature computer. Google glass has a strong but lightweight frame and the gadget is equipped with a microphone, touchpad, camera, GPS speakers, Wi-Fi and even a gyroscope which is capable of detecting head tilts. The core piece has a small screen to show all the needed information. Interestingly there is also a voice input in the form of a microphone integrated with Google Now. By this, you can directly get connected to the search engine.

Take a snap, record videos and all these just as the ease of saying a simple concerned command; its completely hands-free. Genuinely it would be unfair to compare clarity, resolution etc. aspects to that a DSLR camera. But here the virtue is that you will never miss a moment to be captured. Having a data connection from Smartphone or home PC, you can rely on Google Glass as webcam too.

Friends or even working professionals can conduct group conference and you need not be confined to your seat for this. The input feature is really powerful to such as extent that you can read out text message and attach pictures or videos which you can send via mobile data connection. The good news obviously is that you don’t even have to touch your mobile for this.

With the in-built GPS chip, you will always be extra comfortable for your journeys. You will no more have to put extra effort in looking on the device to find the way. This was uncomfortable earlier, especially when you were driving or walking in a crowd. Now, you don’t have to stop again and again for checking where you are. Things will be clear through the Google glass and vibrant travellers have ever huger benefits with this. Just imagine yourself in a place where you don’t know the local language. Here also Google Glass comes handy with even the minute details of the area.

Keep yourself updated with the latest news and scores of your favourite team. Though this feature is available on smartphones too, using Google Glass you will intimate you everything live or as news feeds according to your preference; you can skip checking the device. You will also be notified about your appointments, hotel reservations and important events like birthdays.

Another advantage of Google Glass is that, for this gadget OS compatibility is not an issue. The gadget depends on mobile connectivity or Wi-Fi for delivering its features. Also pairing with a smart device will get you social network notifications.

The product will soon be made available in five different colour options- sky, cotton, shale, charcoal and Tangerine. Users will also be availed with the option of flexibility in design with different frames and shape of lenses. Google Glass is yet not the product for masses but when it becomes, the prices are likely to be in the range of $1,500 as per the latest reports.

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