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Common SEO Copy Writing Sins

seoWhen success in SEO is the matter of concern, there are lots of things which are to be considered carefully. The primary necessity is to understand the fact that strategies for successful SEO keep on changing with time. To be in the safe zone and have an edge over your competitors, you should adapt accordingly. There are certain common SEO copywriting sins which you must avoid.

Inferior quality content
Quality of content is really vital as bad content degrades your reputation in the industry. So, maintain quality in your content and keep it unique. Content obviously needs to be updated regularly but sub-standard content will never bring you any favors. Being user-friendly in approach automatically makes your pages friendlier to the search engines. So, focus more on the readers than the search engines.

Sticking to a predetermined word count
Most of the search engines are not at all concerned about the word count. So, how long your content needs to be depends purely on the actual intention you have, i.e. making the readers understand what you are conveying. Enough information must be presented precisely without beating around the bush. Your website is a 24/7 online salesman for you and so the website must provide the entire necessary information to the reader. You can’t expect a visitor to mail or call you when there are several thousands of other similar service providers just few clicks away.

Focusing too much on keyword density
It’s true that proper incorporation of keywords in your content helps in SEO. But focusing too much on keyword density and trying to incorporate them to meet a certain percentage may hinder the flow of content. Also, overuse of keywords is unhealthy. When you write titles using keywords in them, it is obviously genuine from the SEO perspective. But consider creating the impact with the most effective words to get that most desired click from the visitor.

Explaining more about features of the product than its benefits to users
Many times the content mainly showcases the features of the product. This surely impresses the readers but to make him place the order, he must be convinced. Relating the content with day-to-day examples is really effective in convincing the readers. To get sales, the content should explain how the product is going to benefit him and why he should buy the product. Always remember that benefit-free details are worthless and least reader-centered; they will take you nowhere.

Publishing the content without proofreading
Proof reading is a must-do before you publish any type of content. Spell check is not just the end of all and there is much more to do. Check whether only suitable words are used. Assure that the writing is grammatically correct and punctuations are taken care of. Avoid using similar words throughout the article as it bores the reader.

Readers hate boring content with blatant errors and it will turn them away. You should recognize and avoid these common SEO copywriting sins to gain greater reach and sales in the web world.

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