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Facebook Talks About "Report" Link

social seoTime and again, we hear people going gaga over the social media communication network. All the more, now it is a prestige issue in telling others about their Facebook account and a wide network of friends connected to them. Sharing experiences, photos, videos, audio – the features Facebook offers to its users are wide and varied. Followers of Facebook can make a strong regiment which will be enough to save the world from any destruction, voices forth FB fans.

Comment, share, like, view, update, follow, blog, post, delete, upload – these words have been written into the daily vocabulary of the youth and the blog posts are becoming decisive in making changes in the society. I am positive about you hearing about an outrage in Tahrir square leading to a rebellion in Egypt which originated from a simple post in Facebook. When an earthquake shattered Japan back in 2011, the positive strings of social media helped reconnect the victims with their families and many of the African countries use this network to aid the natives from the fury of the famine. Many campaigns are raging in FB as blog posts against eve-teasing, dowry harassment and such social evils. FB has always proven its vital role in animating concrete change in the society.

Well, these are the aspects of the good face of Facebook. Now let us have a look at the otherside.

How Facebook protects its users
As all of us are aware, Facebook is people oriented, shares moments of fun and happiness through photos, posts and life events that help them to tell their story, thereby connecting and reaching out to millions of hearts all over the world. At the same time, Facebook wants this wide network of people to feel safe and secure. But as the saying goes there is a good and a bad face to all endeavors started for a cause. The unpleasant face regarding Facebook is that this wide network also allows some space to add not-so-good comments by those ‘we-love-to-make-nuisance’sort of people.

Facebook takes care of this too, undoubtedly. They have announced a Report featurefor the security of the FB users. This is a facility to report content on Facebook which allows people to inform members of their community, when they see something which is degrading to the standards of Facebook. Any abusive content or image which makes disgrace to the whole community can be reported though this link.

The users are encouraged to use the report buttons when any such abusive post is noticed. Facebook has employed a dedicated team who works 24/7 to cater and investigate the issues raised. If the reported content is found to be violating the policies of Facebook, it will be permanently deleted from the site and if it is found to be aggressively abusive or illegal, the investigation is handed over to the legal authorities or allied groups like law enforcement, suicide prevention agencies, the Safety Advisory Board, the National CyberSecurity Alliance etc.

This initiative has proven with conviction that Facebook just not connects people; it has the solid responsibility of protecting its users from all illegal intrusions into their privacy and peace.

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