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How to Choose Your Web Host

There are certain things which are to be taken into account when it comes to web host selection. You can either opt for a free web host or a commercial web host. The latter one will make you available with greater facilities. The better option for you depends on your actual needs. However you should look for the following factors before choosing your web host.

Space demanded for advertising
If you are choosing a free web host, most of them demand certain amount of space for advertising. This is to compensate the costs of providing you with free web space. You may have to place banners, pop up windows etc. on your pages. So, before committing inquire regarding the space which you will have to spare for advertising and check whether you are comfortable with the method.

Speed and reliability
Reliability of a site matters a lot. No matter how much worthy your content is, if your site is frequently down you will keep on losing business. Also your site should be quickly accessible. You should check the speed and reliability of your host during the peak hours and off-peak time yourself.

Space provided by the web host
Make sure that you have enough space. Presently you may be satisfied with the space available but with time your requirements may increase. There may be a need for the website expansion. The amount of extra space you may need depends on the number and size of pictures, sound files and video clips etc. which you use. Some of the free hosts impose certain restrictions regarding the type and size of file which can be uploaded. Before choosing the web host verify that such restriction doesn’t hinder your needs. However there are not any such restrictions in case of paid web host services.

Technical support provided
The technical support team of the host service you choose must function the entire 24 hours in a day and 7 days of a week. They should be available even on weekends and public holidays. You need not wonder whether your demands are stringent; most of the web host services avail all year around support. So, if your web host service providers fail in doing that, I am sure you can find several better ones than them. You can simply check by mailing them on Sunday mornings and noting the time they take to respond. After all you don’t want service from salesmen who merely know how to sell but fail to fix your problems.

Security should never be compromised
If you intend to do any business with your website, you must check whether such facilities are provided by the host. Most importantly assure that the data of customers will be kept confidential and transaction will be securely done. For collecting the credit card payments, you will surely need SSL.

Finally price should also be considered. However you should not forget that you will get only for what you pay. This never means that the best hosts are always expensive.

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