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Mobile SEO   Strategies

With the skyrocketing increase in the usage of smartphones across geographies, businesses are getting yet another opportune to trumpet their products and services. The ability to provide information anytime and anywhere is a driving factor in the rising popularity of smart phones and tablets among consumers. Businesses are increasingly responding to these ‘mobile’ possibilities.

Mobile SEO must be taken into apex consideration and for this you should be aware of the ways which Google supports to serve the mobile content.

Let us glide into the recommended ways of serving mobile content to a user when he request for any particular desktop URL.

Availing the same URL and the same HTML of that of desktop version
This method of same URL and same HTML has become really popular because of many genuine reasons. The most relevant among them is the benefits in regard of SEO.Another option is serving the same URL but different HTML.

Serving the same URL but different HTML
When different HTML is served for the mobile users, it is recommended by Google that a Vary HTTP header should be added to server response. This is to confirm that Google understands and crawl over both the mobile version and desktop version. The final way which Google recommends is serving different URL.

Serving different URL
Sometimes certain businesses use special URLs for their mobile content, usually seen as a subdomain. If you go on for alternative URLs, use link canonical tag on the mobile pages which point towards the URL’s desktop version. Also you should use link alternate tag on the desktop pages which points towards the URL’s mobile version.

You should also be aware of certain hitches which are likely to occur when you offer customized mobile experience to your customers. The most prominent among them are transcoding issues and issues related to content duplication.

Transcoding issues
Many cases occur in which the mobile search engines need to rank traditional pages from a website but believe them not suited to be rendered on mobile phones. In such cases the search engines transcode it. The transcoded version may exhibit issues like broken or misplaced navigation, breaking down of single pages to minimize downloading time etc. To avoid an under optimized user experience from this transcoded version of concerned website, inclusion of a mobile site map is vital. If different markup languages are used, separate site maps should be submitted.

Content duplication issues
When copy of a website is created and hosted on a subdomain, content duplication issues may be unwillingly invited. Generally the mobile search engines fail to understand this. In such a situation, the newer content may not prevail to outrank your older content. As far as SEO is concerned, this really is a hindrance. Even though solutions likeusing canonical tag works to an extent it can’t be regarded as an ultimate solution.

Even in the midst of minor issues like this, we can’t turn a deaf ear to the echoes of emerging scope and necessity of implementing mobile SEO strategies for ensuring success of your business in the web world.

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