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Is Mobile-Social Gaining Momentum?

Though it was opined that invention of mobile phone will save time, the present day facts contradict to this outlook. With the favouritism of social networking skyrocketing at great pace with each passing day, mobile social networking is gaining huge momentum.

Mobile social networking is something which helps you to stay connected beyond distance and time with ease. These days, mainly the teens rely on networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter not just to be in touch with their friends but much more. There are enough apps too which facilitates the entire process. Just imagine that you are on a trip from college but few of your friends couldn’t make it. You simply take a snap and upload it in Facebook easily and whenever you wish. Thus your friend remains updated and you too feel great.

Now picture this: Someone you meet on the way back from office starts to talk as if you were old friends. You need not hurt his feelings by behaving weird; keep him comfortable. Simply take out your mobile phone and search him in the social networking sites based on name, city etc as per your guess. Thus there are lots of occasions where the Mobile Social networking comes handy.

Studies reveal that 57 % of teens consider mobile as an inevitable part of their social life. 34% of Americans in the range of 18-24 years who post photos to social networking sites do it via mobile phones. As per latest reports from genuine resources, US people spend their 60% of time in this. Thinking from a wider perspective, whether this trend is a boon or a bane is still a matter of some genuine debate. But as far as businesses are concerned, mobile social networking if effectively exploited can help them to grab more business. If you are into business, no matter small or huge, this can be the most effective advertising platform for you. Higher level devices, uptake in 3G and growth in smartphone market has paved way to the chances of mobile social networking overtaking the earlier email marketing. The main advantage is not just the enhanced reach you get but also the way in which you can communicate. With more and more effective features developing day by day in mobile social networking, you can convey ideas and news in a more interesting and attractive manner. Cell phone vendors have become smarter enough to be vibrant in every niche and availing the required customised features.

Mobile social networking momentum is not reflected just from the increase in users for Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. There are many other sites like Brightkite, Zyb, Shozu etc. which are now gaining more attention because of the unique characteristics they have. This is obviously good news for those in business online. The current trend murmurs quite evidently that the mobile social networking will continue to advance by leaps and bounds and sooner or a bit later, the entire networking thrill will be confined within your palm. So still waiting? Go mobile!

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