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Social Media and Web Promotion for Association Websites

Why Your Association's Website Need a Robust Social Media and Web Promotion Strategy
There are over 1.5 billion active Facebook users. Just imagine the reach of one single social media! How about altogether? Social media, increasingly accessible through smartphones and tablets, enables customers to keep track of a wealth of information at their fingertips. According to stats, people spend up to one hour on their smartphones every day. Yes, it heralded an era of multiple connected devices and the world has truly gone digital.

Social Media have become invaluable resources for professional associations. They provide information for members and well-wishers about the activities, attractions, upcoming events, and they also mobilize marketing campaigns and reach members/visitors in downtown locations. In short, social media paves associations to intersect in significant ways both in reaching target audience and members, and in achieving impressive results.

Becoming a digital and truly social professional Association will require you to do follow a clear set of strategies.The first step in developing a social media strategy for your association is asking about the social media use of your digital-savvy members.

Educate Your Community Members
Educate members about social media use within the governing guidelines of associations' social media strategy for personal learning, professional development, for networking, etc. In a broad perspective, associations should act as guide in helping members understand that what Twitter is all about, or Facebook isn't just a funny photo sharing stream or Linked In is not alone a professional networking spot.

This will definitely help bolster engagement in the association’s social media efforts. It is good to note that many professional associations recognize the value of the internet as a medium for exchange of information and for promoting the objectives of the association. Though educating your members about social media won’t alone ensure a better equipped breed that can able to handle social-media related issues, but can transform your association members to a more satisfied and engaged community users.

Many associations have developed policies to ensure that their members as well as the broader community of users follow the guidelines of social media usage, which will in turn help them remain friendly and inclusive while also meeting the objectives and purposes of the association. It is strongly recommended to implement solid policies for the usage of social media by fellow members. That would cover what constitutes appropriate content, moderation decisions, acceptance of advertising, the resolution of complaints etc.

Drive Strategy with an Expert Hand
Don't hesitate to assign the job of handling your association's social media activities to people who know not only social media but how to use it effectively in the context of your association. You can seek volunteers or interns for a helping hand, but don't take it for granted. You need someone who know the waters to drive the strategy, evaluate effectiveness and develop new tactics to keep ahead of things.

Promote Your Association Events
Sharing information encourages current members to keep informed as well as depict the picture of your association to potential new members. Through the power of your content you share the message as far and wide on your social networks as you can.

Don't take a protective stance on the content you share by making it only be accessible to members. Instead, you should take an approach in disseminating this strategic internal information to the outside world to showcase your leadership within your association and encourage others to join. Sharing information, photos, announcements, quotes and even video from your events will help promote your Association's reach to an extended community. Also, by sharing such details you can inform those members who couldn’t participate or attend the event or meeting.

Promote and Participate community involvement
Give support and appreciation to initiatives of local organizations in your community and provide information on such things to your members. This will help you get a wider recognition from other social media community members. Your namesake presence in social media won't do much for your Association. It all depends on how you use and utilize those channels of engagement effectively to take mileage over other associations in your industry verticals. Actively participate in social media polls, support causes, participate in charity activities initiated by other fellow groups and confidently announce you not only use the channels, but build membership engagement around them as well.

Show off your expertise and Prove Value
Utilize your social media channel for providing useful information to general public, add expert opinions and latest trends and reports in your industry, talk about a social causes etc. Be the one who share exclusive content or crucial information related to your industry. This helps you prove valuable to followers and fans. Establish that you’re an Association worth following because you can provide out and out details within the industry you belong to.

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