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Article : How Important Your URL Structuring in SEO?

How Important Your URL Structuring in SEO?

social seoFrom the choice of your domain to the search engine optimization efforts, the URL of your website plays a vital role. Considering a domain name for your site, you should give utmost importance that your URL should be related to the service you do or it should be keyword related.. Being the initial step of creating a successful website, an effective URL forms the backbone of your website and in turn your online success.

URLs become a streamlined roadway which would take the site visitors to browse through your site from page to page. Hence the selection of your URL is an important ingredient for your SEO promotion. A main keyword from the content of your site or a keyword phrase would suffice as your URL name and this should be same as the URL used in the links or menus. This will be very effective in the SEO promotion.

Among all the on page SEO elements, URLs become the most important one. The search engine optimization is directly proportional to the efficient way the URL is constructed. The content of a page is explicit through a good URL. The visitors should be able to notice the URL address in their search results or browser address bar and they should be able to make a guess on the matter of the page. In short, your URL should be search-engine friendly to rank high in the search results.

For this, you have to follow some guidelines as listed below:

The length of the URL
The shorter the URL length, the better. You should make your URLs as short as possible. It is highly advisable that along with making it short, the URL should be keyword rich. You should see to it that your URL keywords are not diluted to make it SEO-friendly.

Characters like Hyphens/Underscores
The most noticeable feature of a good URL is that it doesn’t entertain empty spaces. Hyphens reign high in the preference list than their counterparts, the underscores or any other separators.

Proper File Extensions
Another preference factor related to the URL which has a high leverage in the search engine results is the web page ending with .html than those end with .net of .php or .asp. When we use the extensions like .exe or .dll, they are considered usually as a virus or a spam.

Other Internet tools:
Other than the set keywords and the tools which are mentioned before, you can use other free and premium tools which are found on the internet for creating an SEO friendly URL structure. There is this free URL rewriting tool – the .htaccess by webconfs to create seo friendly URLs. Using this, you have the option of editing your .htaccess files. But this procedure demands a thorough technical knowledge and you should take extreme care in this regard before proceeding for this.

The most important thing about an SEO friendly URL is that you need to have a specific keyword in the url which will be easy for the search engines to hunt down the site.

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