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Augmented Reality
Real Aug Shoppie -New Augmented Reality App Togive In-Store Shoppers Instant Product Details and Promotions in the Palms of Their Hands

Augmented reality mobile shopping app will make it possible for customers to scan store shelves and get personalized product information, recommendations, loyalty bonuses and coupons while they browse storefronts.

The retail store having such features asks for a download when consumer enters in. The consumers can download the app directly to their smart phone or tablet bt triggering a simple registration. While registering, consumer should create a profile of features that they have interest in from product ingredients preferences (say for eg: if your pet is allergic to some ingredients), to virtually things that would matter them either way such whether the packaging is biodegradable. When they point their device’s video camera at merchandise, the app will instantly capture the details of product information using augmented reality technology. The resulting image overlays the details of product information such as ingredients, price, reviews and discounts for that day in digitised way. Even consumers can integrate social reviews or comments about the product into the information stream, so that they can view the comment made by a friend or a buyer.

Using Real Aug Shoppie, shoppers can look for breakfast cereal by specifying on a low-calorie, low-sugar brand with discounts apply for the day and recommended by real buyers. When the device camera pans across the products on a shelf of cereals, the real augmented shopping app displays which cereal brands meet the criteria consumer prefers in and enlists the same-day discount coupons to entice the customer the complete the buying process.
In the age of social media, consumer expectations are soaring and people want information and advice about the products they’re going to buy. By closing the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience, marketers can appeal to the individual needs of consumers and keep them coming back.

The Real Aug Shoppie app, being developed by Codea Technologies bridges the fundamental gap between the pool of real-time product details on the Web to connect and make it accessible this wealth of information to the in-store shoppers.According to Forrester Research, in-store shopping accounts are more than 92% of the retail volume, so this is a feature that is definitely going to revolutionize the in-store shopping experience of consumers.

This app helps retailers to build in-store traffic by directly connecting with individual consumers. Not only that they can take their marketing efforts to next level without applying loathsome intrusive techniques. The app paves you a robust way to understand the consumer likes and dislikes and offer products related as an accompaniment to the product they already bought. The Real Aug Shoppie could also make available the loyalty points and digital coupons to shoppers explicitly, avoiding the confusion and freeing them from searching for discounts.

As part of market study with the launchof Real Aug ShoppieCodeaTechnologies has done a survey that shows that consumers seek shopping advice from peers, family, friends and even strangers prior to product buy. We also noted thatconsumers are very much interested in retail programs offering exchange of coupons, rewards and discounts.

How it Works

From the participating store consumers can opt for the service by downloading the augmented reality mobile app to their smart phone or tablet. Upon registering, the system identifies the customer either with their telephone number or their loyalty cards and can createtheir customized preferences.

With this one-time setting shopper start receiving personalized information of that individual consumer addressing the dietary needs, pricing, environmental or regional or religious or any strange preferences. Using the advanced image processing technologies the video camera on the mobile device will identify the products based on shapes, colors or preferential features set by consumers. This data stored in retailer’s back-end system will send the information to the gadget (mobile or tablet), where advanced augmented reality technologies overlay the information over the product images for user to view.

Apart from helping consumers, this new app will add great value to retailers by offering a natural interactive platform for them to channelize information with their customers while real-time purchase decisions are made. Beyond that, they have got the opportunity to suggest up-sell and cross-sell offers in the store itself in a strikingly highlighting style. Last but not least, retailers are bestowed with invaluable insights that can help optimize floor plans and product arrangements in their stores, make them better organized seller!

Real Aug 3D

Real Aug 3D

Digital craftsmanship has taken a whole new level in interactive experience by allowing users to superimpose 3D images with real time videos captured by your phone camera. This concept of Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm with companies clamoring to ascend the proverbial ladder of success.

Real Aug Video

Harvest fest

Customers are ready to be awed, but the amount of incredulity you can generate with the concept of Augmented Reality, makes it even more special. Once you download the application released by Codea, you can see its magic.