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Blog Design

Exclusive Blog Design – Makes you heard in the crowd

Only technical populace ravished the Blog space previously which has become a daily habit for many of us now. A well-knit blog in your website facilitates smooth and friendly communication with your customers and web visitors as and when you want it and becomes an invaluable marketing strategy for organizations and individuals.

Codeaweb makes creative Blog designs which make your Blogs stand out from the others. We are there for the ones who are not satisfied with the “out of the box” blog designs and features.

Benefits of Blogs in Business

As businesses are riding the high waves of competition, Blogs have become the most creatively used weapon for publishing ongoing series of promotional articles, industry analysis, success tips and news with increasing frequency. An exceptionally engaging blog will have a huge readership. We make exceptional bog designs to make you noticed and read through and even allow you to gain reader interaction and user inputs through comments and posts option about your posts.

Blog structure – Our method

An appealing structure is the main credential of any blog. Mostly, the best ones have the latest posts in the home page and the older ones will be moved off as per the demand and timeframe. With Codeaweb, the blogs are well-knit and well-structured – always.

The pattern we follow usually is: We start off with a Home page for the current posts or articles which will be moved off the home page as new posts get periodically published. We maintain a Permanent page for every post including comments from the visitors. We create a Category page as a category wise index of posts. There will be a Monthly page as a monthly index of posts. We incorporate a Search Feature to facilitate blog searching.

Codeaweb gives more emphasis on structure as the lack of basic features makes a blog a failure despite the time and cost spent on it. We make customized and tailored blogs for our clientele to make them more simple, attractive and user-friendly without causing any hassles for search engines to find them.

The stand alone Design

  • With us, a blog package includes a unique logo and inimitable page design just like any website
  • we create. We ensure that this enables:
  • More professionalism and creation a solid identity for your company
  • Constant focus of audience or customers
  • Easy and fast download features
  • More exposure on the net by the inclusion in news aggregators and search engines
  • We design and implement stable, reliable and easy to use blogs which make you different from
  • others.
Want a singular experience in your own Blog Design? We are at a click away.

Social Media Optimization

social media optimization

Often highlighted as the sister of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the newest methodology of optimizing a webpage over the internet arena. Unlike SEO...

With codeaweb, Possibilities are Endless