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Trendy-Tweets now appear in Google’s Results!

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For iOS and Android users in the US Googling and Tweeting will now be simply a trendy-topic away! The fact that Google’s search results will have more tweets included is quite the #deal among the giants – Google and Twitter … Continue reading

Yahoo to reset and re-issue inactive IDs starting mid-July

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Yahoo announced that it will begin resetting IDs that have been inactive for at least one year from 15th July. This will allow it to free up many IDs that are no longer being used. Yahoo says that by doing this, it … Continue reading

Google launches Top Charts

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Google recently launched a new feature that is part of Google Trends called Top Charts. As the name suggests Top Charts is used to view a snapshot of the top searches across a plethora of topics ranging from actors and … Continue reading

World’s first web page recreated

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The worlds first web page will be dragged out of cyberspace and restored for today’s internet browsers as part of a project to celebrate 20 years of the web.The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) said it had begun recreating … Continue reading

New Search Page Launched by Google

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The web giant Google has launched a new search page layout in the U.S. This new layout has moved the navigational tools from the upper left of the page to the top. “With the new design, there is a bit … Continue reading