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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Is SEO Tactics Evolving?

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With each Google update, a web-wide shake up of website ranking can be seen. This has made the SEO tactics to keep on evolving over time. Those who are smarter keep on reviewing and revising their methods to retain their … Continue reading

The importance of Google+ in social media promotion

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If your business have a web presence, it is quite obvious that you know how relevant the role of social media for your success is. Which all are the networking sites you rely on? +50

Google relaunches voice calling service on Gmail

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The convenience of modern smartphones and the emergence of video calling services have all but made traditional phone lines an outdated technology. Although it has failed to garner the same media coverage as services like Skype, Google has offered its … Continue reading

Why Does Social Media Increase Your Trust Factor?

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Social media sites allow people to see you clearly boosting your trust factor instantly. Once people see you literally, and feel your transparency, you can more easily gain the trust of your target audience. Social sites like Facebook and twitter … Continue reading

What3words: Pinpoint any spot on Earth with a three word code

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A new mapping site is aiming to replace postcodes, addresses and complicated directions with something far more simple: words. It is more accurate and more memorable. +40