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Why Does Social Media Increase Your Trust Factor?

Social media sites allow people to see you clearly boosting your trust factor instantly. Once people see you literally, and feel your transparency, you can more easily gain the trust of your target audience. Social sites like Facebook and twitter also help you prove your listening skills to individuals who need your product or service. Once you can listen in to someone and help them with their problems you are far more likely to boost your trust factor quickly.

People Can See You

People can literally see you on social media websites maintaining a visible presence on the web helps people trust you more quickly. People who avoid social media usually have something to hide, this crowd needs to work much harder than social media junkies because prospects are suspicious around someone who refuses to show themselves. Individuals can literally see you as a real, living, breathing person, and to take things a bit further they can see your more clearly due to your transparent nature.

Many social media users share of their successes and failures, helping prospects see that they are honest, upfront and willing to share of themselves so that people can get to know them more intimately. Social sites help you quickly establish full transparency which also helps you gain the trust of your target market swiftly.

Social Sites Can Help Prove that You Are a Listener

People tend to trust someone who patiently listens in to the problems of individuals for these people demonstrate they truly care about you. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus conditions you to become a more careful, mindful and compassionate listener, as you practice tuning into the core problems of your target audience. If you can prove to people that you are listening from an authentic, genuine place, most people instantly trust you and whatever product or service you might be offering. Practice listening when using Facebook to stand out from the crowd.

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