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Is SEO Tactics Evolving?

With each Google update, a web-wide shake up of website ranking can be seen. This has made the SEO tactics to keep on evolving over time. Those who are smarter keep on reviewing and revising their methods to retain their top positions in the search results.

Before the Panda update, many low quality websites grabbed top spots on Google. But things changed drastically with the updates that followed. Now with the arrival of the latest Penguin 2.0, there is a plethora of things about which you should be concerned of.

Relevance of content

Fluffy and undersized articles have now become useless. However, content was and is still the king. Penguin 2.0 update demands excellent content which has potential to become viral on the web. You should always try to create unique articles which stand out from the rest by offering some value to the readers.

Articles with a length of around 700 words and having pinnable images will be ideal. Such content avails chances to get natural links as well.The number of articles you post and the frequency may influence but quality should never be compromised.

Get high quality backlinks

Simply garnering backlinks is no longer going to help you. The backlinks should be of high quality and even the low quality existing ones may hurt. So, start your SEO campaign for Penguin 2.0 by cleaning up the back links. After that, start building high quality positive signals.

Now the concern is – what types of links are still working in your favor? Links you get from guest blogs, link from your competitors, infographic links and giveaway links are doubtlessly the quality links. Though these means of getting quality links are reliable, solely focusing on any single mean may harm you. Give equal importance to all the means. Say, if you concentrate on Infographic links for a month, make sure that you focus on other kinds of links in the following months.

How far social media benefits?

Well! The significance of social media networking sites like Facebook, twitter still same with Penguin 2.0. However, it would be sensible to give a special consideration to Google plus in your marketing campaigns. Since Google is likely to rely more on Google plus as a social analytic platform, be more focused on Google plus.

If your site got punished by the latest update, try to overcome the harm caused by removing bad qualitylinks, building positive signals and removal of any copied content etc. Unfortunatelywith this penguin penalty, there is always an uncertainty element and it can’t be guaranteed that your site will recover. So, if your brand is not build yet, it is advisable to start a fresh domain. You should take the decision in this regard by analyzing the position and needs of your business.

In brief, SEO is never a destination but a process which keep on evolving with time. If you want to retain your position in search results there is no other way than keeping yourself updated with the latest trends.

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