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Codea Technologies
Second floor,Office No: 203
Building No: 69,Road No:220
opposite metro station,B Ring Road
Najma. Doha-Qatar
Tel : +974 77165459, 66748824
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Where words weaves minds together…

Revolving around the concept of several users creating an online book with each chapter penned by a different individual, makes use of round robin writing where anyone is allowed to add their versions. Basically an internet-based social interactive program, it relies on the enormous potential of social networking. Innovatively designed for people belonging to all age groups, those who log onto chainbooks does not just confirm their interest in writing but also contribute towards a common goal of artistic brilliance. And that is exactly what marks chainbooks apart from all other community networks of its kind.

As users you just have to create accounts for free and then log on to the website. After browsing through chapters written by authors from across the globe, you simply have to rekindle the fire of imagination that lies in you and jot down the next available chapter. Our library of starter chapters will inspire writers of all abilities, irrespective of their academic background and proficiency level, to work together towards finishing a book. It is your golden chance to become part of a creative chain, the first loop of which has been written by an author approved by chainbooks and the rest authored by people like you from all over the world.

It is up to you to select your style and level of writing. Also, you are fully free to decide from which phase of the story you would like to chip in. You can let yourself be guided by those who have written before you, while contributing your bit to the manuscript. Though contributing towards writing a chapter does not involve any cost at all, each user can only write one chapter per book. Also, there are certain limits to the number of words that you can use. Each user can take up to five days to get his or her chapter of maximum 3,000 words completed. Moreover, as an enduring testimony to your creative skills, you can purchase the book online once it gets completed. The paperback books will be printed within less than three weeks after completion. The royalty will rest with the person who has written the first chapter of each book and they will start receiving compensation once the book starts getting sold on the website,

Interview with Greg Humphrey - The founder of Chainbook

Augmented Reality


Codea Technologies has been engaged in developing apps and software on virtual, augmented reality and other interactive technologies such motion sensing, 3-D object mapping and in popular mediated reality technologies. We provide comprehensive augmented reality solutions and products ranging from applications to software and games to mobile apps.

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Hyundai acclaimed by ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ has been stretching and moving ahead across the world with new additions providing great and amazing experiences to car lovers. Codea was approached by Hyundai, SA to design and develop a new website -

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