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Who does not like to gift a dear one with an ‘Oh, So Perfect!’find? But, utter confusion is what that ultimately prevails, as you go gift hunting. Torn between that ‘beautiful bouquet’ and ‘cute teddy bear’ you realiseyet again that buying the right gift is not your cup of tea! Searching for clues is exhausting and exploring up and down the shop for the most suitable gift is thoroughly draining. And after going throughthe entire struggle, you might end up purchasing a mediocre gift! Your disappointment knows no bounds as you realize the next day that your sister actually didn’t want yet another coffee mug on her birthday?
Yes, we all have had enough of thosedisheartening gift hunting episodes! And that’s exactly where Codea steps in with this unique facebook app designed for happy day mart. Called ‘Giftwrapp,’ the app is your way of letting your dear ones know that you can seethrough their minds just like the palm of your hand. Why not fetch for them what their heart truly yearns for?We have evolved something that can read your friends’ minds in and out, precisely like the way you do! And for once, when they say ‘Thank You’, they will surely mean it! Why spend your time, money and effort on a wrong purchase when you can just leave the job to us and get ready for that ‘so thoughtful of you’ hug!
We know that gifting is a very personal affair and will not let you down. No one will ever know that you made that perfect choice through us. After all, the final choice is yours and the ball remains in your court throughout. We just provide a whole array of customized gift ideas, all well–arranged and in the right order so that you could pick up the apt one with ease.
After all, none but you alone would know what suits your special someone the most. It’s just that we shower you with good many gift options, each of themrefined to suit their taste. The custom-made gift engine will melt down what seemed to you as a Herculean task earlier. With no intrusions into your privacy and gift choices narrowed, you are left to decide what would be the best gift of the lot.
The free web app recommends germane gift ideas after analysingyour friend’s social media.We study the trends of both yours and your friend's social graphin detail before filtering down a few gift recommendations.Whatever may be the occasion, play it smartand safe with gifts that are not justcaring, but relevant too.

6 basic trends in content marketing

Content Marketing is an important strategy without which your products will hesitate to move from the shelves. Do you know that content can really help your prospects of your business and appealing content can encourage them to cross the line and purchase from you? On the contrary, if the content is not effective, no one will see the message in it and you would be losing a precious bunch of prospective customers.

How do you create content that really attracts attention?How can we make sure that significant messages are conveyed right across to the customers? Well, you should follow some basic trends in contemporary content marketing. This would put the right message across and in turn will enhance your business.

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