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E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning Solutions

An era of educated people will mark the success of the same. Codeaweb understands the need of educating and polishing professionals backed by technology. Trainings online – web, desktop, smart phones etc. effectively engage and educate your teams. E-learning platforms built my Codeaweb let’s learners study in their own pace and convenience and at their desks, our solution allows you monitor your team’s progress, enables peer to peer collaboration, learner-instructor interaction, group formation, communication features and much more. We style each project with a team of instructional designers, content developers, and media technologists to match your unique requirements. Codeaweb aims to accelerate people performance by developing a customized e-learning solution specific to your organization or revamping an existing course facility with cutting-edge multimedia applications at affordable rates.

Codeaweb: Designing Classrooms for the Digital Age

Our dedicated team works toward improving your business performance and trainings in the most reliable and cost-effective way using dynamic, technology-based learning and development programs.

Our Approach

As growing eLearning company (consultant) Codeaweb tailors both the content and the distribution media to fit your organization. We recognize your business need; gather objectives, training needs and culture before getting to the development. Applying our Global Service delivery Model we develop engaging and results-driven custom courses for training and assessment approaches. We can deploy your training via multiple channels including:
  • Web-Based Training (WBT)
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT)
  • Mobile learning
  • Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
  • Online Assessments Engines
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Scenario, simulation and game based learning

Codeaweb Bridging the Gap between Employees and Professionals

Considering the global market and so the varied audience, a cultural portability of your training would be appreciated. We guarantee a smooth localization of the training. Capabilities include:
  • Content translation (forward and back translation)
  • Audio and content integration into the course
  • Multilingual voice-over recording
Reinforced with years of digital content innovation, we support cross-media training needs through:

  • Interactive eBooks, Job Aids & Student/Instructor Guides
  • Converting ILT & VCT to multiple output formats
  • Web 2.0 Technologies and Social Learning
  • Companion Websites & Knowledge Portals
  • Technical Documentation

Key Problems Solved

  • Training approach does not suit the content or the audience
  • Excessive training time reduces employees productivity
  • High costs of travel and other training-related expenses
  • Learners are geographically dispersed
  • Limited training methods


  • Improved training results and increased employee productivity
  • Up to 65% reduction in training-related expenses
  • 55% faster training development
  • Greater access to training for all participants
  • Improved interactive customer experience
Handheld devices support eLearning and we design and deliver content for the same. This is nothing but mobile learning - or mobi learning. Mobile learning is a success given the massive surge in smartphone users and the growth of e-readers in the recent years. Such a learning methodology becomes perfectly suitable for the gadget users. Organizations can now deliver up-to-date information to an increasingly mobile workforce powered by Codeaweb’s learning services.

Mobile Learning Applications

Accessing and retrieving refined information from the Web and dedicated training material, be it interactive videos to 3D tutorials etc. is possible with the advanced mobile technology and enhanced Internet connectivity. Codeaweb provides eLearning solutions via mobile learning applications including:
  • Flash surveys
  • Just-in-time training
  • Interactive textbooks
  • 3D models for technical field personnel
  • Game-based knowledge checks
  • Real-time corporate communication updates
  • Rapid delivery of technical information to field personnel
  • Ensuring employee compliance with new regulations
  • Just-in-time product updates for sales people, clients, and channel partners

Mobi Learning Advantages

The perks of mobile learning are the reason why so many corporate training strategies are preferring the same:

  • Higher training effectiveness
  • Dramatically improved retention
  • Extends training shelf-life and reusability
  • Leverages existing training investments
  • Allows for more rapid and dynamic update of course content
  • Can reduce classroom training costs by up to 75%

Key Problems Solved

  • High cost of on-site training delivery, including associated travel expenses
  • Training availability and geographic limitations
  • Difficulty in delivering timely course updates

Web Application Development

Open Source e-Learning

With the growing popularity and support for open source applications, Codea has a dedicated team focused on open source competency and solution development. The team is focused on providing consulting, implementation, customization, hosting and maintenance of various open source e-Learning solutions available in the market. Codea has also developed custom learning solutions which are based on open standards like SCORM, IMS content packaging, QTI, Common Cartridge etc. Below is a description of our offerings