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Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Campaign Management

Our Facebook campaign management program is comprised of activities that generate a continuous stream of visitors to the Facebook Page, creating high visibility and wide exposure within the Facebook platform and creating traffic to the company web sites. Daily and weekly Facebook campaign management activities include:

Facebook Community Management. Through community management we help clients to manage the Facebook community engagement and building a Fan base by participating in Wall conversations, leveraging best practices born out of years of experience building engagement and addressing ever-changing issues. Community management includes the following activities:

  • Share/Post the Facebook Page launch on existing Facebook profile(s). This will encourage friends and profile visitors to visit the Facebook Page
  • Continuously posting interesting updates. It is not enough to have a presence on the Facebook platform. Brands and businesses need to provide value everyday and have something to say that appeals to the Fan base and target audience
  • Monitor, moderate and respond. On a daily basis we monitor and respond to comments and questions keeping the Facebook stream engaging, relevant and appropriate for the target audience to help the client engage with fans
  • Create Events within the Facebook Page. When fans RSVP, their friends will see this in their News Feeds
  • Post messages in related Groups. Use Facebook's search function to post messages in related groups about the existence of the Facebook Page
  • Email the Page URL to the mailing lists and invite contacts to become Fans of the Facebook Page.
Facebook Campaign Maintenance. Campaign maintenance includes continuing updates to the Facebook Page content, functionality and integration with other social networking channels to keep the Facebook Page content fresh and engaging to best appeal to the target audiences and achieve optimum share ability.

Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis and Optimization. Facebook campaign monitoring, reporting and analysis provides Page administrators and online marketers with good insight in the social activities, user behavior and viral reach of the Facebook marketing campaign and details the what, when, where, who and why of the conversations that are taking place within the Facebook platform. Facebook campaign analytics reports provide deep reporting and analysis regarding the trends and metrics specific to the clients' Facebook marketing campaign, including views, fans, Likes, comments and posts.

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Facebook App Development

Facebook is a great platform to build applications that can grow quickly by enhancing the experience of Facebook users. Facebook applications can be closely integrated with the Facebook social network functionality, hence providing users new functionality, and a seamless user experience.Being part of this ever growing social promotional platform, we provide your brand an edge over other competitors

Facebook Promotion

Achieving wide distribution on the Facebook platform is about taking full advantage of all communication channels Facebook makes available. Codea will use a wide range of Facebook viral channels and Facebook Ads to build a Facebook Page following, brand awareness, drive user engagement and viral buzz.