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Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Promotion

Achieving wide distribution on the Facebook platform is about taking full advantage of all communication channels Facebook makes available. Codea will use a wide range of Facebook viral channels and Facebook Ads to build a Facebook Page following, brand awareness, drive user engagement and viral buzz.

Viral Distribution. Viral distribution on the Facebook platform is primarily driven by initiatives that encourage Facebook visitors to comment, share, recommend, and engage with a company through its Facebook Page. When visitors engage, their activities are shared with their friends on Facebook. Some of those friends see the activity in their News Feed and may engage with the brand, publish that information to their friends on Facebook, and the branded viral loop grows. In addition, anyone who “Likes” a business, brand or corporation on their web site, through the Like or Send button, is opting in to receive information from that entity in the form of messages that appears in their News Feed.

In addition to the internal Facebook communication channels, the following external channels will be implemented to achieve optimum viral distribution:

  • Share and Send buttons - The Facebook Like and Send button will be implemented on the company web site to allow site visitors to share content with friends on Facebook. When a user clicks the Like or Send button on the company web site, the user automatically becomes a Fan and a story will appear in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to the web site.
  • Cross channel integration - Cross-platform integration with Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube will allow users to directly access and share content with these social media channels.
Facebook Advertising. Facebook Ads is Facebook's primary advertising platform offering businesses, brands and corporations the option to pay on a CPC or CPM basis to drive traffic to their Facebook Page, Events, Applications and web site. The program is based on a real-time PPC auction model. The more an advertiser is willing to spend per click or impression, the more frequently the ad will appear throughout the Facebook network. The Facebook Ads ad system offers powerful targeting capabilities. When users create an ad, they have the option to target users by age, sex, location, keywords, education level, workplaces, political views, and relationship status, likes and interests and most engaged users. Facebook Ads are comprised of a small static image and a few lines of text, but the program also offers specific ad types to promote an external web site, Facebook Application, Facebook Page or Facebook Event.

Facebook Ad Campaigns. Codea offers a complete Facebook Ad campaign set-up as part of the Facebook Page Management service, including creative development, audience targeting, setting bids, ad budget, day parting (scheduling what days and times ads will run) and landing page selection. Training. Facebook Page Management is a new and dynamic discipline. With every Facebook marketing campaign we develop we offer a range of training options to accelerate the learning curve of the clients' staff and to make sure they get the most out of their Facebook marketing campaign.

Facebook App Development

Facebook is a great platform to build applications that can grow quickly by enhancing the experience of Facebook users. Facebook applications can be closely integrated with the Facebook social network functionality, hence providing users new functionality, and a seamless user experience.Being part of this ever growing social promotional platform, we provide your brand an edge over other competitors

Facebook Campaign Management

Our Facebook campaign management program is comprised of activities that generate a continuous stream of visitors to the Facebook Page, creating high visibility and wide exposure within the Facebook platform and creating traffic to the company web sites. Daily and weekly Facebook campaign management activities