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HTML5 Web and Mobile Applications

HTML5 Web and Mobile Applications

Helping brands gain through an enhanced level of visibility without any platform constraints

Thanks to rapidly changing web technology, we have reached a phase wherein highly-involving experiences can be created without using any kind of proprietary technologies and native mobile applications. With the emergence of HTML5, we have reached a stage where one can easily build highly sophisticated and realistic experiences using web standards.

Users too have drastically migrated from desktop to a wide range of gadgets including mobile phones. These new generation users, who are constantly on the move, have become ardent fans of smart phones and tablets for the right reasons. However, easy connectivity is not the loan reason for this drastic change.

Supported by latest versions of all the major browsers, HTML5 is by all means a brilliant alternative for the existing Flash-enabled games and applications. As far as design innovation is concerned, it is highly fluid on different platforms. Not even a slight compromise has been made on technical adaptability. Its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly nature has made HTML5 the most preferred mark-up language for evolving engaging experiences. The very fact that all applications, across various gadgets, can be experienced with HTML5 has opened up a whole range of touch points for engagement.

Foreseeing the revolutionary changes that HTML5 could bring in the digital communication domain, we have taken it to a new level of experiential marketing. We realise the immense potential that HTML5 holds in providing our clients with enhanced brand awareness.

We take pride both in our trendy and innovative mobile sites and applications and also in our attractive Facebook apps that work across different platforms. We also create and develop brand-specific games targeted on Facebook, which are not limited by desktop accessibility.

We at Codea Web aim at striking the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and search engine visibility, while offering streamlined business solutions. With our unending quest for creative innovation and dedicated enthusiasm, we are confident of conquering new territories and discovering novel methods.