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Mobile Apps for Professionals

HTML5 Mobile Apps
HTML5 is emerging as the cross platform mobile development tool for building mobile web applications with different useable runtimes, frameworks and patterns

Our expert HTML5 mobile developer can build HTML 5 web apps and games across multiple devices which are updated directly from the server to the device without waiting for app store downloads. We develop HTML5 cross platform mobile apps that help businesses to decrease time and development costs in HTML 5 mobile environment. Our HTML 5 mobile developer lets you achieve a uniform user experience across multiple devices with different levels of support.

We build rich HTML 5 mobile apps with features such as local data storage, offline access, multimedia, touch and gesture capabilities and which have cross browser and cross platform mobile compatibilities

What is HTML5

HTML5 is an efficient multi-platform content enabler that can create elegant applications and tools for all the mobile operating systems available today such as Android, IOS. Our experienced and professional mobile apps developers can create gaming solution for mobile devices as well as intuitive, cost-effective business applications.

HTML 5 – The preferred choice for app development

HTML 5 is certainly the most standard choice today for cross platform application development. HTML 5 can be utilized to produce quality apps and tools for all the major mobile OS available today like the Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS ( iPhone, iPad ) . At Codea, we make sure that the app developed for multiple platforms by our developers provides a good user experience and that too at a cost which is affordable.

With all the possibilities and freedom that HTML 5 provides for app development, you can get just the app that can help you reach your audience effectively and fulfill all your expectation from it. We at Codea have a team of developers that have a strong hold of HTML 5 and can use all its power to provide the app that you would have always been looking for. Our strong technical infrastructure allows us to work with all sizes of businesses and organizations and render our unparalleled service by delivering apps that can provide their users the best experience ever possible


  • Html5 is highly compatible with all the existing browsers, phones windows, and PCs.
  • HTML5 is self sufficient when it comes to media on websites, as users do not require downloading Silver Light or Flash to run media on a website.
  • Improves the ability to stream video on the web and mobile services
  • HTML5 can be leveraged for mobile technologies and location based applications and tools. This is a mobile age and consumers are inclined towards geo-based tools. Barring this, HTML5 can be used for transportation applications, gaming platforms, and entertainment
  • Tag specific webpage items for search engines to better understand your content
  • Store content in the browser without needing a database
  • Drastically reduce the development effort required to build many of today’s applications