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Codea Technologies
WGA Logistics
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Hyundai’s New Amazing and Appealing Web Presence

Hyundai acclaimed by ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ has been stretching and moving ahead across the world with new additions providing great and amazing experiences to car lovers. Codea was approached by Hyundai, SA to design and develop a new website - The graphics has to be magnificent with details of many new sporty and luxurious additions along with the existing ones ready to be famous and reckoned all across the world. The new website design should resonate with the style concepts of innovative, fashion-trendy and forward looking geeks who are always in search for superior performance, good looks, great mileage, fuel economy and last but not least excellent powertrain. Codea integrated many valuable tools that allowed website to attract their ideal customers, capture visitor information and continuously engage with them in the future.

The credit of the website’s smooth operational functionality and working goes to “ Team Codea’s” thorough analysis, planning, agility and its great panel of experts. Codea has not only developed a website that makes use of latest digital and interactive technology but also provided an online platform for the demanding and avid audience to have a satisfying and fascinating experience to the core. Our company has been equipped with skilled and experienced bunch of individuals who are keen and responsible for the success and smooth running of the website. In fact, they even identified the administrative and regulative challenges in and out across the organization and develop a customized CMS (Content Management System using Sitefinity) to solve those issues. We have done this effectually by determining the capabilities and constraints of their current system and suggesting promising solutions to each one of them through Sitefinity, which is a content management solution from Telerik. Though creating and providing such an incredible visual appearance by making use of jQuery and optimizing the same in order to render high performance and efficiency was a challenge for us at the early stages - including providing the 360 degree view of interiors and exteriors, talk and talk messenger to interact directly with the concerned person, and many other web apps but Codea has done it wonderfully and seamlessly.

Hyundai has come up with some really good special offers and discounts for the newly luxurious and great SUVs, cars and additions. These cars are meant to handle all weather and climatic conditions including terrains. Creating contents for the offers and sharing it effectively to social media involved researching the behaviour of potential customers and crafting campaigns that will appeal to them, and managing the design and content of all social media outreach.
The interiors are designed exclusively with a flair and style keeping in mind the comfort and ease of the youths. The design and development of the SUV model pages ensured engaging the interests of youth, understanding their behaviour using social media tools, and targeting specific audiences with social media sharing.

Augmented Reality


Codea Technologies has been engaged in developing apps and software on virtual, augmented reality and other interactive technologies such motion sensing, 3-D object mapping and in popular mediated reality technologies. We provide comprehensive augmented reality solutions and products ranging from applications to software and games to mobile apps.

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Renowned Damas Real Estate Website


Damas Real Estate Group has a well known name reckoned all across the world for its quality and luxurious living homes and apartments designed by one of the best architects that cares. Popular and famous for owning one of the most valuable and apprehended groups known by ‘D’Damas Jewellery’, Damas Real Estate Group of companies got a new handy and user friendly website.

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