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Don’t be Out of Site & Out of Mind!
Codeaweb Your Intelligent Internet Marketing Strategist

We design Internet marketing campaigns for the connected Web world. Our resources are sure to benefit businesses of every size, irrespective of the nature of the business. End-users of your products/services today are on every digital channel available and as a marketer the challenge before you is to be present in channels such as these with the right content to educate the user. We understand that this is however a time consuming task for you, hence we wish to step in and run your business’ presence online in real-time while you run your business in the real world! Codeaweb guides your potential business customers make functional commercial decisions. Being with your audience on social media sites and engaging with them, will keep your business present in their minds as well, this will effectively complement your quality service provisions. Benefits of Internet marketing strategies include, brand communication, customer interaction and engagement and improved web traffic with educated visitors.

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Email Marketing
An email marketing strategy is often defined by the number of successful email deliveries…
Email Marketing Services:

» Designing of HTML templates
» Email content creation
» Creating Landing Pages
» Sourcing of mail list according to targets
» Running Email Campaigns Reporting

Improve email deliverability, so more messages reach the inbox

Email delivery can make or break your email marketing campaign. After all, your subscribers can't click on messages that they never see – like messages that are buried in the junk folder or that never arrive at all or that don't display properly. That's why Email Marketing builds email deliverability features right into the message creation process, so you can automatically find and fix deliverability issues before your email marketing campaigns go out.

Instantly understand how good or bad your email deliverability is Our email deliveryreport shows deliverability stats from your most recent mailings, comparing your monthly averages to industry averages.
Drill down into email delivery stats for individual mailings. The email Report Cards feature shows inbox delivery rates, spam content scores and blacklist information for your email messages.
Uncover inbox delivery rates by ISP. Our Email Delivery Monitor shows the actual percentage of mail going to the inbox and the junk folder – as well as how much isn’t arriving at all.
Fix poor email design. Our Inbox Snapshot previews how your email actually displays in AOL, Outlook, Yahoo! and more than 50 other email clients, in time to redesign problem campaigns.
Avoid spam content. Our Email Content Analyzer tests your message against three different levels of spam filters, looking for red flags typically associated with unsolicited commercial email.
Find out if you’re blacklisted. Our Blacklist Monitor checks your email domains against more than 175 different blacklists.

Sometimes you just need to get email campaigns, email newsletters and landing pages out the door … fast. Codea web Content Creation lets you produce great looking campaign assets in minutes, with readymade email templates and landing page templates that integrate with Codea email newsletter software and Web analytics software.
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Link Popularity
Increasing the flow of web traffic to your business website, with the help of relevant…
Building permanent, relevant and legitimate inbound links to your website yields a steady flow of targeted traffic. Known as link popularity, it also helps you achieve higher search engine rankings. Since the traffic is targeted, more motivated prospects visit your site and opportunities for conversion are high. Clients who use our link building service benefit from more new contacts, more prospects and higher sales.

Some considerations for building high quality traffic through link popularity are as follows:

» Securing 'unidirectional' or only-Incoming (non-reciprocal) links
» Links with relevant "Keywords" in the Anchor Text
» Links from sites having a different range of PageRank
» Links from industry-relevant pages
» Link to your site should not be through a "redirect" script » No JavaScript links
» No links from 'framed' pages
» No 'flash' embedded links
» No Robots Tag excluded link pages
» No paid or time-bound links
» Links spread over different domains
» No links from Link Farms
» No links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks
» No links from Blogs and Blogspots
» No links from pornographic and other sites containing offensive content

We are experts at improving the volume and quality of traffic to your site. Our services can be tailored to match your budget and provide an excellent return on your investment.
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SEO Service
Measuring and tracking the SEO campaign’s effect is as important and our SEO…
When talking about SEO most people think it as simply a ranking phenomenon. You know that many internet marketing companies focus solely on rankings when it comes to SEO. But, rankings alone won't translate into traffic and leads for your business Website. Here comes the relevance of targeted Internet marketing and how it adds value to your business. The better your targeting the more likely your SEO campaign will be a success. Our focus of SEO is to help clients achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).

Our Blog

Potential of Pinterest to Boost Your Business

Who doesn’t know that an image speaks volumes about almost anything under the sun than words coined in millions! If so, how about the idea of promoting your precious business through this very effective site – that too using luring pictures and videos? For those who are not very much aware of what exactly Pinterest is and about the potential of this site, I would like to tell them that this site can be a powerful means to promote and extend your business horizons to the level you have always desired for. Is Pinterest beneficial to your own business? Well, let’s find out!

First thing first – It’s promoting your brand identity Pinterest works in a chain-like fashion. When you publicize the information about your company and the products you offer, you will find the interested corporate tycoons showing interest who keep pinning your products. Read more