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Codea Technologies
WGA Logistics
Al Matar Commercial center
#104, First floor, P.O. Box: 5283
Doha, Qatar
Tel : +974 30623256
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The Renowned Damas Real Estate Group
Got New Website Design

Damas Real Estate Group has a well known name reckoned all across the world for its quality and luxurious living homes and apartments designed by one of the best architects that cares. Popular and famous for owning one of the most valuable and apprehended groups known by ‘D’Damas Jewellery’, Damas Real Estate Group of companies got a new handy and user friendly website. Over the years, the group have doled to urban revival of United Arab Emirates and has been creating buildings and towers in several countries across the globe including Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, and India. Focusing always on providing something new to the people so that they can entertain and enjoy the hassle free life and feel the serenity of the nature, the group is into building flats, hotels, schools, villas, tourist resorts, shopping centers and much more. Being a leading player in the industry, the buildings are available with all facilities like gym, swimming pool, sauna and free maintenance. The website re-design by codea helped Damas real estate decrease the “bounce rate,” keeping visitors on the website longer and thus increased the likelihood of engagement with the Damas’ real estate business.

The praise and glory for the new web presence goes to Codea; wholly responsible for giving Damas Real Estate Group of companies a new look and feel leading to an increase in website presence and conversions. The design is not only promising and eye catching, but also has useful and relevant information for the customers. Some of the outcomes achieved were remarkable for the group because of its re-designing done by Codea. One of the most engaging and beneficial benefits due to new website designing and development is the increased time on website by users, inquiry, property interest and the share of property details. Another one is due to incorporation of user friendly clear user pathways feature assisted in increase in conversions and turn the customer directly into prospective ones and make him/her to buy the desired property. Our company has bunch of specialized experts handling multiple domains and developments assuring quality and performance at its best.

Spreading its wings like a whale, the group has even entered in the hotelier industry. In addition, the group is famous for its impeccable and affordable services involving leasing, property management, maintenance services and construction. How the new look and feel of the website help Damas’ business ?. You can be driving the most promising prospects to your website but if the website is not designed properly and does not communicate a compelling message, the visitor will not stay long. The website re-design helped decrease the “bounce rate,” keeping visitors on the site longer and increased the likelihood of engagement with the business. This is exactly what happened with Damas Real Estate. The improved website design, increased page views and average time on site translated to increased potential client leads.

Augmented Reality


Codea Technologies has been engaged in developing apps and software on virtual, augmented reality and other interactive technologies such motion sensing, 3-D object mapping and in popular mediated reality technologies. We provide comprehensive augmented reality solutions and products ranging from applications to software and games to mobile apps.

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Hyundai acclaimed by ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ has been stretching and moving ahead across the world with new additions providing great and amazing experiences to car lovers. Codea was approached by Hyundai, SA to design and develop a new website -

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