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Online Branding

An affluent Business will haveCustomers as brand promoters!

Having a brand value built online is almost secondary to quality service. Online branding is about up keeping the business’ presence among users and staying connected with them. Brand building, brand protection and re-branding for client organizations on virtual platforms, has our earnest interest here at Codeaweb.

Proving that a business stands out from its competitors and maintaining it online is the base of digital marketing. With internet shopping becoming more and more brand-oriented, having the brand value etched onto potential customers’ minds is crucial. About 69% of online consumers claim that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company's message constitutes their understanding of a brand. Brand value is thus a contributing factor when buying products and services.

Online Branding Memorable interactions with the brand help customers retain the same. We have our own tested ways of polishing an existing brand, online.

Our experience in online marketing sector has made us truly dexterous in employing the right placement strategies across various online formats so as to create an enduring and positive brand image.

Micro-moments are instantaneous, thorough moments that demonstrate the pivotal actions of a well-educated consumer! One in 10 of smartphone users, standing in a store to buy a product end up buying a different product than they had planned after consulting their phones for research. Consumer decisions are made and scrapped just as instantly, therefore being a strong brand online, will most definitely fall in favor of businesses that have a place in the users home page!

Understanding that the brand value is an entity that must go well with customers old and new is very important and Codeaweb is highly focused on the same. All it takes for the customer to keep visiting a business is for the business to strike a chord with the group of customers, especially on social media. We aim to build a strong online presence for clients helping them procure consistent business leads. We utilize highly refined tools and sophisticated methods to identify the nature of the target audience with precision and then develop a clearly defined strategy to reach out to them.

We work on multiple channels to project a brand image and help initiate communication with end-consumers. Conversations often lead to interactions and in turn translate into revenue. With accurate social media integration we give the brand the life it deserves – only the best.

Our Blog

InstagramWhy Instagram is Necessary for Your Branding

During the initial stages, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom told that he wanted to build a “social tool for social life on the go… to change the way people communicate and share in the real world”. The story of Instagram was one among the most successful ones in the history of apps in the social network arena. Being a competent, stand-alone photo sharing app specially designed for the iPhone, iPad and the mobile social network, Instagram has an enormous amount of followers at present.
When Instagram was purchased by Facebook, the millions of users round the world were in a fix. There were discussions about its future and scope and it was treated as another tech bubble by the social network followers. But leaving no space for doubt or apprehensions, Instagram has grown to one among the best tech startups and one of the most popular mobile photo apps in use currently.

Facebook Branding

No doubt, Facebook is one among the most popular social networking sites these days. It connects people around the world without any limitation of geographical boundaries. You can expect users from almost every category on Facebook. It is obvious that Facebook is basically a social network and not a business network. Then why should a business invest their time and effort in creating and updating a Facebook Fan page? The reason is that even if you don’t get any direct business from the people who liked your page, having a page is surely going to do numerous favors for you. Some of the most prominent among them are discussed below.

Corporate Branding

online marketing

Online Advertising Services

online advertising

You've gained a wonderful website with you now; the first part of the game is over! The next part is something more hard: to get visitors to your site, and still the most crucial thing is, to turn your visitors into potential customers and money spending buyers!!