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Online Marketing

Spending on Digital Evolution

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are the pillars of online marketing/Internet Marketing/E-marketing. And since many of today’s adverts are transmitted through digital media, concentrating on the same essentially becomes part of marketing strategies at Codeaweb.

ONLINE MARKETINGThe relevance of online marketing is supreme, considering how the Web is home to about a billion websites, and therefore making one’s presence and identity recognized is crucial.

At Codeaweb, our online experts pay utmost attention to

  1. SEO implementation – keywords, backlinks, analytics
  2. Content Marketing – blogs, infographics
  3. Engaging with the audience on social media
The chief objective of online marketing is to get the attention of the e-shoppers, researchers and businesses that are in need of quality service. Therefore at Codeaweb, we study the client’s requirements, build on ideas, research on the target audience and develop precisely that what the Web crowd indulge in. A research by CEB's Marketing Leadership Council stated how (business) buyers contact suppliers directly only after 57 percent of the purchase process is complete. This is because the new age buyers are always researching and forming opinions (on businesses) with the help of digital channels, prior to spending a buck. The catch for online marketers therefore is to be present on these channels with the right content to educate buyers and influence a healthy sale.

Buyers today decide in micro-moments, where they either instantly ‘Add to cart’ or completely discard the product/service. The marketing power lies therefore in being relevant to that precise moment of the consumer’s expectation. Business-to-Business market also, thus is about constant connectivity and about providing content relevant for the multi-screen using consumer.

Our Blog

Potential of Pinterest to Boost Your Business Potential of Pinterest to Boost Your Business

Who doesn’t know that an image speaks volumes about almost anything under the sun than words coined in millions! If so, how about the idea of promoting your precious business through this very effective site – that too using luring pictures and videos? For those who are not very much aware of what exactly Pinterest is and about the potential of this site, I would like to tell them that this site can be a powerful means to promote and extend your business horizons to the level you have always desired for. Is Pinterest beneficial to your own business? Well, let’s find out!

First thing first – It’s promoting your brand identity Pinterest works in a chain-like fashion. When you publicize the information about your company and the products you offer, you will find the interested corporate tycoons showing interest who keep pinning your products. The trick behind this is that when the top guns in the corporate scenarios follow your products, the others will follow suit. Now, the ball is in your court! You should in turn chase these significant leads and this will keep the interaction chain active. This automatically gives you sudden popularity and you will surely be in the limelight!

Online Reputation Management

online reputation management

Taking control of your online reputation is of utmost importance as it means the world to you. If your reputation is in the gutter, you can not even foresee in which all ways it would dog your footsteps.

With codeaweb, Possibilities are Endless