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Building Businesses of Today

process Addressing the business needs and presenting the same, comprehensive to the Web audience, requires thorough analysis, market study, trend scrutiny and so much more. At the Codeaweb we therefore believe in providing our development teams the best exposure and an elaborate explanation of the development procedures. Our provisions include, technical guidance, along with useful management tools and advice on handling the changes in technology, important of a goal, the vision, product and phase associated with this online corporate medium. Web Designers, System Administrators and Marketing Strategists help build the most fitting strategy for a particular client. Every phase is as vital as the base and every team member is our trusted pillar to the project we take up.

The web development project cycle at Codeaweb:

discover head
This stage guides the development team through designing a prototype and setting goals. At the end of this stage, everyone involved in the project should have a clear picture of which applications are being developed and why.
plan head
Codeaweb experts, take into account web-traffic, donations, sales, registered users along with the primary aspect that is the nature of a business and their target audience. Thereby producing blueprints for each page (wireframes), diagrams of complex web applications (workflows) and technical specifications to guide the development team most aptly are given utmost importance at Codeaweb.
Design Head
This stage guides the development team through the visual, structural, and technical design of the site. The phase includes designing the visual elements of a website, including fonts, colors, buttons, header graphics and more. At times, this stage runs concurrently with both the Discover and Implement stages. At the end of this stage all of the tools needed for information access, security, site monitoring, content management, and issue tracking will have been designed.
Build Head
In this phase, the development team (or developer) will use the documentation produced in the "Plan" and "Design" phases to actually create and code your website. The architecture of our client’s website will take shape here; from paper to code, from code to screen and so on.
Integrate head
Many organization's sites need to pull or push information from/to external sources, such as a CRM, blog, news media or social media. You need to address these needs earlier on in the Discovery and Plan phases, and then make sure they happen correctly in development.
Test and Launch

Prior to launch of a beta version, we conduct Quality Assurance and various others including Browser Compliance Testing. At times, this stage runs concurrently with both the Concept and Design stages. At the end of this stage all systems should be in place and the site should be ready for launch. This stage guides the development team through many of the follow through activities that can make a huge impact on the success of the site. These activities include:

Site Promotion
Gathering Feedback
Software Distribution
Post Launch Analysis
Maintain Head
Usability Testing, updating the CMS & CRM platforms, performing tweaks enough to keep the client’s web presence up-to-date and dynamic are of great significance, here at Codeaweb. The content on a website and social platforms need to be in sync with the trend shift in the industry to which you belong. It is essential that our client stand high and above competition, considering the pulse of users today. Surviving web traffic surges, attracting the right audience with the right content, and remaining the buzz of the market is what our experts accomplish.
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In theory “A real-time application or RTA is an application program that functions within a time frame that the user senses as immediate or current”. The application qualifies as a real time one depending on the maximum length of time a defined task requires on a given hardware platform.