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Android Applications

Real Aug 3D: Foresee the Market Trend by Creating one!
It is often the marketing idea that is celebrated amongst the innovation-hungry audience today. Permitting the involvement of potential buyers in the advertising itself, is therefore a splendid idea. Interactive advertising in the digital age, engaging the omni-channel consumer, is the way onward for advertisers. Web marketers of this age and time find that overlaying information (in the form of mediated reality including 3D data, images etc.) typically in a video format, connect wildly with its audience. This is nothing but augmented reality (AR). Codeaweb’s augmented reality application named Real Aug 3D will generate interactivity in real time. With the help of this application, products seem to come alive, educating the user of its purpose. The virtual representation will have incredible features - the users are sure to reach out for it!

How to Retail to the Real Consumer through Virtual Technology

Real Aug 3D developed by Codeaweb will embed every information about the product, with realistic images, enhancing the user’s understanding of the same. The process is incredibly simple. Download the app from the Play Store, then get set with the camera pointed at the printed image (integrated with Real Aug 3D virtual reality features) and scan the same. Then blend reality with computer generated content or images. The images will transform before the user’s eyes like magic. A reliable internet connectivity and a compatible (Android smartphones) device demonstrates the optimal working of the Real Aug 3D. Our image processing techniques and enhanced computer vision techniques make the images look natural, realistic and precisely aligned with the environment. The application exhibits a seamless experience in advanced computer vision and 3D modeling reinforced by our study on texturing, shading and finally, rendering.

How AR can Augment the Business Vision

With an advert that comes to life on the screens of their smartphones, masses of people will have their curiosities piqued. We aim to seize this opportunity to educate the end-user of our client’s product/service. Consumer advertising is possible with labels and Quick Response Codes that coax interested prospects onto the advertiser’s site. The customizing of the same varies business to business. The possibilities are countless and work in good favor of both the vendor and vendee. This dynamic ad with sounds, music, videos and interactivity enthuse a potential buyer. Smartphone sales to cross over 2 billion this, if you could only envision the reach!

Codeaweb - to maximize the business outreach over the web!

Real Aug Video

Harvest fest

A study reveals how 98% of the people in the age group 18 to 34 watch videos on their smartphones for research purposes and are most likely to share content of quality.