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Android Applications

Real Aug Video: AR breathing life into print adverts!

A study reveals how 98% of the people in the age group 18 to 34 watch videos on their smartphones for research purposes and are most likely to share content of quality. With the encroachment of ‘digital’ in the world of real targets and revenues, marketers had to devise methods to connect with the multi-channel consumer. Advertising with words work, advertising with info-graphics work better, therefore for a better advertising method, experts turned to augmented reality (AR). For capturing today’s fast-paced, on-the-run consumer, nothing works like a zesty, informative, relatable video. Codeaweb presents the Real Aug Video app – pure value addition to an advertisement.

Codeaweb: Bridging the Gap

Real Aug Video application developed by Codeaweb, will serve as the perfect research accessory for a well-informed consumer of today.

With the availability of the app on Google’s Play Store, it is easy to find and download. Get started by pointing the camera to the object and scanning the same. The object could be a restaurant, an agency or anything about which the user seeks information. The application will then present before the user every detail about the object, in the form of a video. Therefore scanning an advertisement that is formulated for AR with the camera on a handheld device will trigger the video version of the same.

Video marketers find this application of augmented reality (AR) a big boon. Real Aug Video is bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. To create a wholesome experience to the user, marketers believe that fusing the real world with virtual details work best. Diminishing the difference between the real and computer generated data is achieved by design experts at Codeaweb creating a new level of interaction with customers.

Quick benefits of Real Aug Video

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Healthier brand management
  • Get viral

Construct thoughtful images and the same across the social networking spectrum – igniting a positive influence that will catch on like wild fire. Good content shared across the giant social media platforms will cause have a domino effect. Real Aug Video is therefore a handy (literally!) technology that has the look, feel and reach working best for businesses of varied influence.

Real Aug 3D

Real Aug 3D

It is often the marketing idea that is celebrated amongst the innovation-hungry audience today. Permitting the involvement of potential buyers in the advertising itself, is therefore a splendid idea.