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Case Studies: Where words weave minds together…

What we find Changes Who We Become
- Peter Morville

We could increase the number of online visitors for our client Inside Decors through planned social media marketing and subsequent conversion rate optimization.

Results Achieved

  • Drastic rise in social media influence through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Redesigning of relevant pages resulted in augmented conversion rates. In fact, conversion rates increased drastically following the page redesign.
  • Due to email offers, residual traffic continues to swell through out the year
  • Tremendous increase in Word-of-Mouth engagement


Inside Decors, sought our service to create awareness of their promotional campaign. We went for a comprehensive social media campaign in order to make the target audience aware of the program. Needless to say, the campaign also helped in building overall brand awareness in social media circle.


We developed an overall online strategy with the aim of promoting the special campaign. As part of our efforts to augment their social media influence, we redesigned their landing page. We ensured that the promotional campaign remains as the focal point around which all other elements were aesthetically arranged according to their prominence.

We lost no time in sparking an online conversation about the promotional campaign.

As part of our social media optimization campaign, twitter users who had a large following started tweeting about it. Meanwhile, bloggers came up with catchy stuff based on the campaign. We also ensured that profiles and links of our client were regularly updated.

Also, we redesigned their Facebook page in such a way that the promotional campaign became the centre of all attention. Moreover, we got online influencers across the web link back to the redesigned landing page. We successfully promoted their social media presence through enhanced sharing functionality. Established online fan community saw to it that brand interaction increased manifold.


Thanks to our committed efforts, Inside Decors could reach out even to remote customers who had not even heard of its brand name ever before. Such customers will prove to be of high value in the coming days. We are happy to learn that we could improve their brand awareness and it is sure to take them to greater heights in campaigns to come. What is even more gratifying is that most of the followers that they gained during the promotional campaign still continue to follow them on social networking sites like twitter, face book, and also through e-mail.