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Designing the Web presence of Businesses today for the Digital Consumer

In the world of business, quality services and tech-savvy consumers, research is unavoidable. Instant inquiries made nowadays using connected devices mark the beginning of every potential buyer’s journey. Therefore providing the right resources as results to the buyer’s inquiries on the search pages is the vendor’s responsibility. Fact is content and web design go hand-in-hand. Reflecting the zest of the business online is as important as quality service. Codeaweb takes interest in portraying the client business in the best fashion on the Web.

Few points to consider prior to designing a website: -

  • Responsiveness - Blogs, RSS feeds, social media presence, FAQs, and other interactive and intuitive web activities keep the user interested.
  • Web traffic is calculated by the number of visitors & the number of pages visited on a website.
  • Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors that quickly leave a website without viewing any other pages.
  • Click-through rate = Number of Click-throughs/Number of Impressions
    Impressions imply the number of times the advertisement was served i.e. fetched from its source.
  • SEO rankings - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the works help turn up on the search result pages of potential customers’ inquiries on search engines. Inbound links and page ranks also have our attention.
  • Making visitors return customers is quite the challenge Codeaweb takes on!
Providing the exact solution to a visitor (with the help of a website) will help win a return customer. Maintaining the uniqueness and consistency of the website play in role in how well visitors comprehend the information on the website and how long they remain on the website. Interacting with the visitor builds a sense of trust and cooperation; this can be achieved by incorporating simple functionalities onto the website. Codeaweb focuses ardently on the client’s strong points and on making the visit of the user most useful. Providing the exact solution to a visitor (with the help of the website alone) will help win a return customer.

Writing Brainstorming Article

writing brainstorming article

Time changes and so do businesses. The whole world is running the marathon to be the first in line among the survivors. Competition is tight in the air. Now, what are you waiting for?

With codeaweb, Possibilities are Endless