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Codeaweb backed by WordPress to serve businesses that are here to stay!

WordPress for the best website development and Codeaweb for the most clever optimization mechanisms are sure to suit businesses of every size. Creating content, blog posts, hosting websites, SEO services and much more are taken care of at Codeaweb, to name a few optimization procedures…

  1. Careful selection of themes
    The theme must be search engine friendly and should perform in an optimal fashion. The use of valid CSS and HTML standards along with error-free PHP make the soul of the theme and perform swiftly.
  2. Uncluttered page design
    Keep the design simple and easy to navigate through. Do not clog up the page with too many fancy graphical representations. Keep the web page informative, welcoming and SEO friendly.
  3. Quality content
    Content to the website visitors should serve as sources of information that they’re seeking. Educating the target audience will work well with the use of long tail keywords and other ideal search engine optimization mechanisms.
  4. Proper placement of JavaScript
    Placing JavaScript in template files and in posts is best achieved by following the instructions as mentioned in the Using JavaScript page ( It is advisable to keep the JavaScript just before to the closing tag. There are however two exceptions: Typekit scripts and Google Analytics.
  5. Judicial use of plugins
    Plugins help extend features and add custom functionalities onto WordPress, so that users can tailor their sites specifically to meet their requirements. Active plugins run when the page is loaded, this costs commands from WordPress, hence it is best to wisely incorporate plugins.
  6. Use of effective WordPress caching solution
    Caching is done so as to reduce the processing load and enhancing server speed, saving bandwidth. This speed up your website as there is lesser calculation needed. Since WordPress renders website pages in an uncompressed format, caching eradicates the compression problem and solves the issues related to optimization and speed.
  7. Building an XML sitemap
    Intimating search engines of the website updating is necessary and can be done using XML sitemaps. XML sitemaps are automatically generated for all the posts, pages and the taxonomies in a website, this helps heaps!

The points above are only a few of the optimization techniques to follow when developing on WordPress, Codeaweb is sure to help with the remaining as well!

Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning

Time changes and so do businesses. The whole world is running the marathon to be the first in line among the survivors. Competition is tight in the air. Now, what are you waiting for?

With codeaweb, Possibilities are Endless