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About Us


We, the people of Indian origin constitute less than 2% of the total population in the United States. However, the achievements and the impact we have made in this adopted land of ours is remarkable. Indian Americans are doing an outstanding job working in important positions across the nation. In public administration, academics, healthcare, technology, business and media, several of them hold important positions. Many are in President Obama’s administration and are working with numerous Congressmen and Senators, helping shape the national agenda.

India is known to have a vibrant, active and free media, which plays a very vital role in the functioning and growth of the largest democracy in the world. And we recognize that as members of the media we have an important role to play in our adopted land. We are aware of our call to be a source of effective communication around the world. We as members of the media realize that we have a role to play in shaping our world to be a just and equitable place where everyone enjoys freedom and liberty.


We as individuals and corporations that represent the media world, consisting of print, visual, electronic and online, realize that we have a greater role to play. We have been working in this field for decades and often stand alone in a large media world. As individual members of the media, our voice is often drowned in the very large world of multi-media. We lack a collective voice to raise our voice, to pool our talents together and work as cohesive group to reflect and respond to the happenings in a fast-paced world accurately and adequately.

The Indo-American Press Club (IAPC), formed to fill this vacuum, is committed to strive to be a common platform to raise the voice and explore the possibilities of helping shape the world to be world that is fair, just and equitable for the world today and future generations.

IAPC is committed to working towards maintaining the dignity we as media persons deserve. IAPC has emerged with the purpose to foster closer bond,cooperation among an extensive national network of journalist with professionalism and commitment towards community.

IAPC members are committed to working towards enhancing the standard and working conditions for journalists, while striving to work towards greater co-operation among journalists working across the nation, and thus “be the voice of the community of journalists.”

IAPC is committed to offer educational opportunities for its members in India and abroad with a view to enhance their skills and proficiency in this modern and digitalized world, which help Journalists to seek and find opportunities in main stream media, thus enhancing their own voice.

IAPC was formed with the lofty goal of realizing a long-felt need to bring together the media groups and the Indian American media persons across the United States under one umbrella to work together and support one another, and thus giving them a powerful voice in the media world and the larger society. IAPC members are dedicated to fulfill the vision of enhancing their own journalistic skills while striving to help fellow journalists and future generations to work towards the common cause of enhancing the well being and efficiency of all peoples of the world.

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22 Feb, 2017 By admin

IAPC Executive Committee 2017 Inaugural Ceremony



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